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Vision Strategy

Our Vision is to raise-up a family of fully devoted, passionate people who have an impact on society for the kingdom of God .

Our Focus is to equip the church toward no higher aim then to believe in the finished work of Christ and for them to enjoy the fullness of the Kingdom.


Our Goal is to create experiences/environments (through worship, intercession, preaching, teaching, prophetic and fellowship) where the Holy Spirit is free to work in the hearts and lives of adults and children, and in turn these people are encouraged and equipped to know God and enjoy the benefits of family (or real relationships) community. to passionately surround ourselves with the unfiltered message of Christ that brings a freedom that we could never obtain ourselves. Our heart is to see the church rise up in the realization of who they are, bringing forth the Kingdom, therefore enjoying and manifesting His likeness in the earth. Personal, regional, and global expansion of God's Kingdom through His mature sons, is key to establishing His kingdom as the greatest entity on earth.

Our Mission is to see people set free from the bondage of the enemy, whether it's from religion, addictions, lack, or sickness. We believe that Jesus is the answer to the needs of a hurting world, because the Lord Himself is the source of our righteousness, success, victory, favor, provision, and healing.

Our Affiliation

The ROC is a non-denominational church, but we are not independent. We are affiliated with International Apostolic Ministries (IAM). In fact, the ROC serves as the home office and flagship church of IAM, which is a relational network of churches and ministries who share a common purpose and vision - that of bringing healing, revival, and reformation to the church and the world.

IAM is directed by a group of apostles and prophets whose hearts and lives are knit together in divine purpose. Apostle Wayne C. Anderson serves as the organization’s leader. Kevin Ford, Rich Carey, Pat Holloran and Rick Wilson also serve on IAM’s board of directors.

The ROC benefits by its relationship with IAM in many ways. There is a confidence that our church is built according to the model given in the New Testament. There is a constant expansion of vision as we interact with global ministers. There is security in having genuine apostolic and prophetic oversight and input. There is a continual impartation of anointing. There is a great sense of community, love and shared purpose among all IAM churches and ministries. There are also wide open doors of opportunity to those who want to minister in other nations through one of our many international member churches.

A lot of people ask, so we have included these as well: Our Leadership Team and Our Core Beliefs.